Unique Masculine Lighting

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Comfortable, neutral dark colours, simple lines and strong materials define masculine interior design style. Masculine interiors have a few colours and decorating choices attached to it. A room with a masculine feel is all about finding the right balance between a deep, unassuming look with a laid back feel. Masculine lighting is one of the most important parts of striking this balance.

Not Necessarily a Guy Thing

Masculine style calls for spectacular and surprising elements and natural details that can be added to walls, floors, furniture and home decorating fabrics. When decorating, masculine details can refer to the following:
  • Strong geometrics – Use of strong vertical and horizontal lines, simple patterns and less refined furniture is a masculine quality.
  • Rich colour palettes – Brown, black, deep blue and purples lend themselves to masculine detailing.
  • Natural materials – Using wood, brick and organic materials symbolize the outdoors and rustic elements. Masculine details use these finishes in flooring, exposed walls and rich furniture materials.
  • Absence of ornate details – Forget the floral patterns and fine features, masculine style is all about the basics.
If you like décor that has a rustic side, dark bold, or a clean and modern appeal, masculine details might just be right for you. Not just for males, masculine details can appeal to both genders and can be used in any room of your home. When creating a minimalist, masculine look, it’s important to make sure the lighting is such that a cozy warm interior is created.

Brighten up a Room with Masculine Lighting

Lighting goes beyond its purpose of illumination, and the American Lighting Association believes it should be thought of as art for the home. Since masculine details are dark and rich, without a good light source, the space can feel dark and gloomy. To counteract the darkness, use light to bring in a healthy glow. This will help the room feel less heavy and showcase its details in the most functional way possible.
A chandelier can also be masculine. In the dining room for example, a ceiling pendant provides just the right look. Round ceiling pendants look great hovering above any dining table, but if you wish to have a more edgy style, opt for a large square ceiling pendant.
Wall lights, including uplighters, remain a popular alternative along with bedside lamps and floor lights to soften the impact of overhead lighting, which can sometimes be rather harsh. Dimmers, of course, will help reduce any too-bright lights.
Oversized fixtures are another popular masculine lighting trend, especially in the kitchen. Hanging fixtures that make a statement over the table or kitchen island create a focal point for the room, while providing adequate task lighting for completing everyday kitchen activities. Exposed light sources also pair well with a minimalist, masculine vibe. Sticking with simplified lighting with modest features are the staples of masculine lighting.
Masculine style emphasizes the relationship between function, form, colour and convenience. Give your home a strong personality and visual appeal with masculine details. Masculine lighting brightens up darker spaces, while still following the "less is more” philosophy.